y Float Membership | $69.00 | Infinity Float | Auckland’s Biggest Float Centre

Float Membership


Monthly Charge: $69 on the first day of every month, recurring automatically to Credit Card
Contract Agreement

- 1 single float / month

- Unlimited additional "extra" floats @ $69/float payable on the day

- Bring in a friend at the same time for $69

- 1-month cancellation policy (unused floats post-cancellation have a 1 month expiry post-cancellation). You will be charged one last time after giving 1 month notice.

- Membership monthly autopayments must be on 1 Credit/Debit Card.

- Unused floats roll-over / never expire as long as your membership is active.

- Membership can be suspended 1x/year for 1 month.

- 3 months minimum term, if cancelled within 3 months you will still be charged for the remaining months

Floating is a practice that has a learning curve and an accumulation effect —the more often you do it, the better and more effective it gets.  
Benefits from regular use include better sleep, quicker recovery less aches & pain, reduced anxiety and stress, to name a few.