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Floating is a wonderful w...

Floating is a wonderful way to keep yourself in balance and release the stresses of modern life. The staff at Infinity are unfailingly friendly, welcoming, and helpful.

Dave Millar      

Great way to relax especi...

Great way to relax especially in complete darkness, highly recommended and will be back again, 2 floats isn't enough.

Bill Batten      

Couples float was fantast...

Couples float was fantastic. It is a weird sensation to start with - floating in salty water in the dark, but after a little while, my body and mind relaxed and the time passed very quickly. My muscles felt relaxed, with the tension gone from my shoulder blades and my mind was calm. It was as if I had just had a full body massage. Would definitely recommend. Facilities are very clean.


We have now done both a c...

We have now done both a couples float and an individual float. Very relaxing and great de-stressing excercise. Fascilities are well presented and appointed. There is a definite calm about the place and staff are very helpful. We will be back again soon!


Great first time experien...

Great first time experience, amazing facilities topped off with friendly and knowledgeable customer service! Will be back again soon!

T.J Jhagroo      

I love this place, I glim...

I love this place, I glimpse infinity and feel a huge expansion in my being after every float! I would live here if I could ;)

Roisin McDonald      

The float was a very uni...

The float was a very unique, peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Vicki Lang      

Awesome experience that i...

Awesome experience that i recommend for anyone with an open heart and mind. The feeling of sheer weightlessness is incredible. FLOATING is about as close as you can go to describe it. Cheers guys !!

Isaac Tasi      

It was my first time floa...

It was my first time floating, and I had a great experience. From being welcomed at the front desk, being shown to my float room and explained how everything works, to the lovely herbal tea afterwards, I cannot fault Infinity float centre. Will definitely be going back!

Michelle S      

My float sessions with In...

My float sessions with Infinity Float are always amazing. As fighters we rarely get the chance to equally spend time training our mind as much as our physical body. My time spent floating has definitely improved my fight game and I never go through a fight camp without floating at least twice a week. LOVE IT and cannot recommend it enough.

Nyrene Crowley - Sponsored Fighter AMMA      

After my float I felt rea...

After my float I felt really calm, relaxed and floaty. I experienced a very good night\'s sleep and woke up feeling very rested and energised and found I was able to complete a lot more tasks than normal. I can\'t recommend floating highly enough

Lyn Butler      

So, heaven DOES exist on ...

So, heaven DOES exist on earth! Climbing into a salt pool and forgetting everything else is nothing short of bliss. I would give more than five stars if I could :D

Sandy Hastie      

I visited Infinity recent...

I visited Infinity recently and did a float for the first time after recommendation from Jaskarn. I was pleasantly suprised at how relaxing and rejuvenating the experience is. Not only is the environment (Pod, room, salt water) very calming but it's also good for the mind and made me feel fresh afterwards. Highly recommended.

M. Reid, Pukekohe      

An amazing experience! I ...

An amazing experience! I highly recommend it!

Lynn Keating      

Floating was an awesome e...

Floating was an awesome experience! Staff were friendly and knowledgable. I highly recommend it 😁

Martine Erceg      

Great, really enjoyed it.

Great, really enjoyed it.

S. Roseweir      

Helpful staff, great faci...

Helpful staff, great facilities. Will def be back!

Joanna Iosefa      

top notch place

top notch place

Deveshoan Michael