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What is Floating?


How it began

Flotation tanks were invented by a neuroscientist named John C Lilly in the 1950s, who was trying to achieve sensory deprivation as a part of his experiments on human metaprogramming. This resulted in the invention of the float tank. The benefits were so prominent and game changing that the idea was soon picked up commercially and redesigned into the modern tanks and rooms we have today. Floatation therapy has blown up all over the world and seen by many as reset button for both your mind and body.

It is a basic concept. You spend 1 hour floating in a tank that is filled with 30cm of water heated to skin temperature and containing over 500kgs of Epsom salt. The salt increases the density of the water allowing your body to float effortlessly without any conscious input; a zero gravity environment.

This allows your spine to decompress, relieving back & neck pain, as well as helping with muscular or joint pain. Most importantly in our over-stimulated society it is hard to find quiet, relaxing time which is critical for the body to recharge, heal and detoxify. Epsom salt also has a high level of magnesium that your body absorbs replenishing and softening your skin. It is like the ultimate mattress!

Float without any sensory inputs!

The Purpose

With the lack of sensory inputs such as noise and light, this leaves a blank canvas for your mind, a state which is not reachable naturally unless in deep meditation and with years of practise. The boundaries between your body and the water disappear and your brain starts producing Theta waves (as opposed to conscious Alpha waves) which can only be experienced during deep sleep and are used by some to achieve lucid dreaming.

What you use this space for is completely up to you. It can be a creative outlet where you let your mind fill the space, a means of deep relaxation as you are no longer bombarded with the stresses and inputs of life, a time to have a deep look into yourself if you are looking for answers or a journey through your inner being and existence.

Floating is a tool and different people use it for different reasons. Only you know what you want to achieve, there are no boundaries inside the tank.

So what are you waiting for?
Float and see for yourself...

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