Oxygen Bar 15 Minutes


See more information here: https://www.infinityfloat.co.nz/oxygenbar/

Experience the amazing benefits of breathing oxygen enriched air to oxygenate your blood.

The normal air we breath contains only around 20% oxygen, by breathing air at an 80% concentration you are making more of this valuable component available for your body to use in it natural functions.

"Flavoured" scents use an aroma-therapy approach to enhance the experience, with your choice of aromas, and the ability to experiment with different options.

On leaving the oxygen bar you should notice a boost to energy levels, and a reduction in any aches and pains you may have had before the treatment.

Reoxygenating may make you clearer in your thoughts and less clumsy.

Boosting oxygen levels can be particularly useful in reducing the effects of a hangover.

15 Minute Session